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Upper St. Clair High School Girls Soccer Booster Club




Section 1:  Name and Address


1.1    The official name of this organization shall be the “Upper St. Clair High School Girls Soccer Booster Club”.  


1.2    The official address of this organization will be 1820 McLaughlin Run Rd.- Upper St. Clair, PA 15241.


Section 2:  Purpose of Organization


2.1    This organization has been formed and shall exist for the primary purpose of promoting a high degree of community and parent interest and support for the Upper St. Clair High School Girls Soccer team.  Following are the key objectives of the organization:


2.11 Encourage all players to uphold the high standards of a student athlete, by adherence to school rules, and team policies.


2.12 Support the coaching staff to produce the best soccer teams possible.


2.13 Foster a good image of the soccer program in the eyes of the school, community, and themselves.


2.14 Win or lose, back the Soccer team through positive involvement in the organization.


2.15 Raise money to cover reasonable expenses of the Soccer team which are not paid for by the high school.


2.2    The club shall be a non-profit organization with no shareholders.


Section 3:  Membership


3.1    Individual membership in this organization shall be open to any adult person desiring to support the above purpose of this organization.


3.2    Annual dues shall be between $250.00 - $350.00  per player per year.   All dues are payable prior to the start of the soccer season.  No member shall be considered in good standing unless dues for the current year have been paid.


3.3    Individual members are entitled to vote and participate in all activities.


Section 4: Officers


4.1 The officers of the Club shall be President, Vice-President, and Treasurer.   The offices of President and Vice-President may be shared positions.  The position may be shared with a spouse.


4.2 The President shall preside at all meetings of the club, keep any records, and have general supervision of the affairs of the organization.  The Vice-President shall assist the President in these efforts.


4.3 The Treasurer shall be custodian of the club’s funds.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of the organization’s receipts and disbursements.


4.4 The officers stated above shall collectively be called the Executive Board.


Section 5: Elections


5.1 The organization shall call an annual meeting prior to February 28 of each calendar year.  Based on a recommendation from the Executive Board and the head soccer coach, a new set of officers shall be elected at this meeting.  The new President will normally be the Vice-President from the previous year unless this person is unable to serve.  These officers will immediately assume their duties for the club.

 If more than one person makes it known to the Executive Board that he/she wants to become the new President, an election will take place.  The Executive Board will assemble a three person Nominating Committee who will accept nominations from the membership for this officer slot.  Nominations will be taken by March 31 and these names will be communicated by e-mail to all booster members.  The nominating committee will tally the votes to determine the new President.


Section 6: Meetings


6.1 Meetings of the club will take place when deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.  At a minimum, one meeting each year will take place to elect officers and give an orientation to new members.


Section 7: Fiduciary and Insurance Safeguards


7.1    All checks issued by the club require two officer signatures.


7.2    An insurance bond will be obtained to cover the Treasurer in his/her capacity as guardian of the club’s funds.


7.3    A liability insurance policy will be obtained to protect the club in all booster club activities which occur outside of members’ homes.  The amount of insurance will be dictated by the Upper St. Clair School District and this entity will be named as a beneficiary.


7.4    The amount of money in the club bank account must exceed $2,500 at all times.  If the amount falls below this figure, the Executive Committee must immediately notify the booster members to explain why this happened and what will be done to correct the problem.


Section 8: Amendments


8.1 These bylaws may be altered or amended at any regular or special meeting.



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